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Action Games

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Play Kill the Dragons
Kill the Dragons
Play Larry and the Gnomes
Larry and the Gnomes
Play League of Evil
League of Evil
Play Leave Me Alone
Leave Me Alone
Play Line Runner
Line Runner
Play Magadheera
Play Mario Blaster
Mario Blaster
Play Martian Attack
Martian Attack
Play Mega Boulder Rampage
Mega Boulder Rampage
Play Moon Patrol 2010
Moon Patrol 2010
Play Morph Fighter
Morph Fighter
Play Mortanoid
Play Mr. Penguin
Mr. Penguin
Play Mr. Runner
Mr. Runner
Play Neon
Play Neon2
Play Nightmare Kingdom
Nightmare Kingdom
Play Obechi
Play Ogg
Play Pac-Man Killer
Pac-Man Killer
Play Pinball Adventure Game
Pinball Adventure Game
Play Pirates
Play Pixel Basher
Pixel Basher
Play Planet Smash
Planet Smash
Play Plankt on Life
Plankt on Life
Play Plankt on Life2
Plankt on Life2
Play Playing With Fire
Playing With Fire
Play Playing With Fire 2
Playing With Fire 2
Play Poink
Play Polar Jump
Polar Jump
Play Puppet Melee
Puppet Melee
Play Puppy Fetch
Puppy Fetch
Play Quibe Land
Quibe Land
Play Quibe Land Evolution
Quibe Land Evolution
Play Raze
Play Rice Hat Warrior
Rice Hat Warrior
Play Robo Bomber
Robo Bomber
Play Robo Slug 2
Robo Slug 2
Play Rocket Rescue
Rocket Rescue
Play Rocket Weasel
Rocket Weasel
Play Rombenk
Play Run Ronaldo Run
Run Ronaldo Run
Play Sanzang Run
Sanzang Run
Play Skate Hooligans
Skate Hooligans
Play Skydiver
Play Snaket
Play Snow Trouble
Snow Trouble
Play Sonic Earth
Sonic Earth
Play Space Hunter
Space Hunter
Play Space Madness
Space Madness
Play Squirrel Harvest
Squirrel Harvest
Play Star Bound
Star Bound
Play Star Trash
Star Trash
Play Star Watch
Star Watch
Play Starmageddon
Play Stinky Bean
Stinky Bean
Play Sub Zero Air Attack
Sub Zero Air Attack
Play Super Mario Flash
Super Mario Flash
Play Super Ninja Strike
Super Ninja Strike
Play Super Shooter
Super Shooter
Play Tevlon 3D
Tevlon 3D
Play The Great Siege
The Great Siege
Play The High Road
The High Road
Play The Lance
The Lance
Play The Rise of a King
The Rise of a King
Play Time Pilot
Time Pilot
Play Tiny Air Ships
Tiny Air Ships
Play Tornado
Play Tower of Kantor
Tower of Kantor
Play Traffic Challenge
Traffic Challenge

Action game is a video game style which focuses on physical challenges, such as hand-eye coordination and reaction-time. The style consists of varied subgenres for example battling games, shooter games, and platform games, which are extensively considered the most important action games, though some real-time strategy games are also considered to be action games. In an action game, the player typically controls the avatar of a protagonist. The avatar must navigate a game level, collecting items, staying away from hurdles, and battling enemies with various episodes. This section includes a wide assortment of action style games!

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