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Strategy Games

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Play Pick and Dig 3
Pick and Dig 3
Play Pits
Play Pixel Quest
Pixel Quest
Play Pizza King
Pizza King
Play Pizza King 2
Pizza King 2
Play Polinko
Play Portal Pirate
Portal Pirate
Play Portal the Flash Version
Portal the Flash Version
Play Protector
Play Pulse
Play Push the Limit
Push the Limit
Play Ragdoll Rooftops
Ragdoll Rooftops
Play Rainbow Web Online
Rainbow Web Online
Play Rat Maze 2
Rat Maze 2
Play Reach the Sky
Reach the Sky
Play Red and Blue Balls
Red and Blue Balls
Play Red Wire
Red Wire
Play Rescue
Play Rescue Lander
Rescue Lander
Play Rich Mine 2
Rich Mine 2
Play Rings Of Freedom
Rings Of Freedom
Play Robo Bomber
Robo Bomber
Play Roll Roll Roll
Roll Roll Roll
Play Rolling Stones
Rolling Stones
Play Rombenk
Play Rumble Ball
Rumble Ball
Play S.T.A.R. Defense
S.T.A.R. Defense
Play Save the Army
Save the Army
Play Sector 21
Sector 21
Play Selfish
Play Shell Shock Live
Shell Shock Live
Play Shift
Play Shift 2
Shift 2
Play Shift 3
Shift 3
Play Shift 4
Shift 4
Play Sichiken
Play Skill Stack
Skill Stack
Play Snake
Play Soccer Champ Manager
Soccer Champ Manager
Play Space Madness
Space Madness
Play Space Station Jason
Space Station Jason
Play Sparkman Stop World
Sparkman Stop World
Play Spell Due List
Spell Due List
Play Spider Bugs
Spider Bugs
Play Splitter
Play Stabika 2
Stabika 2
Play Star Beacons
Star Beacons
Play Stick War 2
Stick War 2
Play Stock-o-Mania
Play Strategy
Play Strategy Defense
Strategy Defense
Play Strategy Defense 2
Strategy Defense 2
Play Super Sneaky Spy Guy
Super Sneaky Spy Guy
Play Sushi Cat
Sushi Cat
Play Sushi Cat 2
Sushi Cat 2
Play Swuffle
Play TankBlitz Zero
TankBlitz Zero
Play Tanks
Play Tape Hunter
Tape Hunter
Play TBA
Play Temple Guardian II
Temple Guardian II
Play The Explorer
The Explorer
Play The Last Element
The Last Element
Play The Last Shelter
The Last Shelter
Play The Mind Bender
The Mind Bender
Play The Rise of a King
The Rise of a King
Play Treasure Defender
Treasure Defender
Play Tribal Hero
Tribal Hero
Play Underneath
Play Vanjellies

A strategy video game or planned video game is actually a game in which the players is often uses independent decision-making abilities include a large importance in figuring out the final result. Nearly all strategy video games call for internal decision type thinking, and usually extremely high situational awareness. Strategy online video games tend to be classified based on whether or not they provide the constant gameplay of real-time strategy, or even the distinct stages of turn-based strategy. Often the actual computer is anticipated for you to emulate a tactically thinking similar to that involving a individual player such as leading armies and creating buildings. This section contains a wide variety of strategy games!

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